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Ostrom Photos Identified Through Area Newspapers - 2013


Unidentified Ostrom photos were first published in area newspapers in January 2006.  Subscribers are asked to provide identifications to the Sibley County Historical Society.  Many photos have been identified through the newspapers.

24 Ostrom Photos were identified in 2013 and are shown below.

We enthusiastically thank all newspapers participating in this project!


Gaylord Hub

Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger

Standard-Gazette and Messenger (Gibbon & Fairfax)

Winthrop News


Men: Ray Stock, Lefty Walker, and groom Ernie Bogatski

Women: bride Marie Stock, Deloris Stock, Mae Bogatski

Flower girls: Lois Bogatski and Doris Kuphal




Vicki Stock, Arlington

Lois (Bogatski) Majeski, Winthrop (a flower girl)


Randy and Wayne Werner

(about 1954)



Identified by:

LeAnn and Lester Werner

Jon and Knut Hovde 


(their parents are photo N-377)


 ID's by

Sandy Ulrich, Winthrop

Mrs. Carl (Sharon) Bird





Fredricka and Dr. Rolf Hovde 


(their sons are photo N-378)







Sam Shult, Winthrop (delivered by Dr. Hovde in 1943)

Gerald Albrecht, Watertown, formerly of Klossner

Elaine Rieke Wirtanen, Winthrop

Mrs. Carl (Sharon) Bird



Rose Opitz, Sophie Zarnott, Martha Lindenberg, & Lizzie Trebbensee


Adly Opitz, Elizabeth Zarnott, Minnie Lindenberg, & Sophie Trebbensee

All of the names provided above are maiden names.

(about 1955)


Even though I no longer live in my hometown of Winthrop, I continue to receive the Winthrop News.  I was delighted to see the photo that was in the recent issue on 8/14/13.  I have a bit of history related to this picture.  Back in 1913 when these women were young women, they all attended the annual Winthrop Harvest Festival.  At that time on impulse they decided to go to the Ostrom Studio and have their picture taken.  Then 42 years later they reunited and decided to do so again.  This group of women consists of two sisters from four different families.  Some were cousins, while others became sister-in-laws.

I have many fond memories of these women!  Thank you so much for submitting this photo!

Lorna Bartels-Flak

Decorah, Iowa

(Martha Lindenberg is Lorna's maternal Grandmother.  Minnie Lindenberg, Sophie Trebbensee, and Lizzie Trebbensee are Lorna's Great Aunts).


Mary Ann Messner and Bill Ohland



Identified by:

niece, Becky Braulick

niece, Melissa Isaacson

niece, Joy Berskow

Ann Lind



Joanne & Janette Soehl



Joanne & Janette both saw themselves in the newspaper and sent in IDs!

Joanne tells us she still recognizes the dresses.


Minnie Bussler and Ernst Ruschmeyer

Wedding photo from 1954

Bonnie (Ruschmeyer) Pettis, Gibbon, writes to us with an identification and added, "Ernst was my great uncle.  We always enjoy The Vintage Photo Identification segments in the local newspapers."  Thank you Bonnie!

Also identified by Randy Bussler.

Kay Susanne Johnson


Adrianne Ann Johnson




Identified by

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Hanson, Lafayette 





Ida and Carl Opitz













Identified by their grandson:

Wayne Opitz


Harold and Norma Schuette

and their daughters

Geraldine and Joanne 


(25th Anniversary)


Identified by

Darwin Wagner, Brownton 



Tommy & Bonnie McGowen



(about 1955)

Identified by Bonnie's classmate

Ordella Micke, Hutchinson



Tom and Bruce Beatty 


(about 1955)






Identified by Bruce himself!

Lives in rural New Ulm, retired veterinarian and Nicollet County Commisioner.

Also identified by Karla Weber.

Marlys Hed


Glen Lindstrand


Faith United Church






Identifications sent in by:

Irene Leske, Carolyn Brethorst (Lafayette), and Bob Johnson (Mapleton)


Hertha and Kenneth Krueger




Identified by:

Jackie Bernstein & Irene Leske


Helen Spiering


Leslie Jacobson


Zion Lutheran Church








Thank you

Irene Leske

for the





Leon and Marian Weber




Identified by their sister

Doris Zitzman, New Ulm

Children of Melvin and Verna Grewe, Gibbon

(about 1954)

Sharon, Karen, Dwayne, Wallace, & LaDonna



Identification provided by Karen Templin

Adrieann, Yvonne, and Delroy Bierstedt



Yvonne Franke, Gaylord, emails us with the identification:


Picture N-352 in Winthrop, Feb 27th paper is of myself, my brother and my sister.

I was about one at the time so that would make it taken in 1954.  I am Yvonne Bierstedt Franke, my older sister is Adrieann Bierstedt Brinkman and my brother is Delroy Bierstedt.  We lived on a farm 3 and 1/2 miles south of Gaylord, and my brother and his family live there today.  Our parents were Clarence and Bernice (Frauendienst) Bierstedt.



Bernice Barnes and Alvin Gutzmer





Identified by Harriet Redman, Winthrop

(her husband's Great Aunt & Uncle)



Sandra, Patrice, and Craig Woods

children of Marion and Mavis

** Winthrop **



ID called in by their Aunt Carol Olson



Ronald and Glenda Totman

children of Glenn and Dona



Email identification from their aunt

Carolyn Brethorst, Lafayette



Vernon and Myrtle Gieseke


New Ulm









Identified by

Joanne Hulke

and the couple's niece

Eileen Kuttner, Stewart


Lowell and Merlin Benson



Identified by:

Doris Schuft, Winthrop

Mother-in-law of Lowell!