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Ostrom Photos Identified Through Area Newspapers - 2012


Unidentified Ostrom photos were first published in area newspapers in January 2006.  Subscribers are asked to provide identifications to the Sibley County Historical Society.  Many photos have been identified through the newspapers.


29 Ostrom Photos were identified in 2012 and are shown below.


We enthusiastically thank all newspapers participating in this project!


Gaylord Hub

Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger

Standard-Gazette and Messenger (Gibbon & Fairfax)

Winthrop News




Steve and Suzanne Freidrichs

ID called in by their mother Lyla!

About 1954


Elma and Clifford Anderson

Daughters: Paulette and Jean Ellen


Identified by Audrey Wendt, who saw the photo in the Gibbon newspaper


Debra Messner


Susan Hagg


Daughters of

Harvey & Verda Messner


Vince & Deloris Hagg





Vernita Messner

of Winthrop,

writes us a note

to identify her nieces.


Children of Lester & Erna Meyer


Boys: Duane, Wallace, and Ronald


Three identifiers:

Delbert Kramer

June Schroeder, Gibbon

Lois Bode


Twins Marjorie & Michael Kokesch



Identified by

Cathy Miller & Lyla Freidrichs



Susan (Bullemer) Eddy


Katherine/Kitty (Bullemer) Reiners

Daughters of

Roy & Millie (Isenberg) Bullemer




Winston Bullemer

Diane & Dick Isakson, Gibbon

Bonnie Pettis, Gibbon

Lisa (Larson) Uecker, Gaylord,

emails us to identify her aunt and uncle.


Luella Larson & Gunnar Davidson

They were married over 50 years.  They lived in rural Lafayette, rural Gibbon, Winthrop, and Gibbon throughout their married lives.



Emma Petzel


Marvin Pagel




November 8, 1953

Identified by:


Daughter, Debbie Trebesch


Nephew, Norman Stresemann





 Marlys Draeger & Orel Zieman



Three identifiers:

Della Schultz, Brownton

Irene Leske, Winthrop

Julie Zieman

Fay Monson & Roger Ulrich


Married October 3, 1953



Identified by:

Their niece Gail Grams, Winthrop

Myrtle Gieseke, New Ulm



Vera Rettman, Winthrop, identifies herself and her brother from this photo taken about 1953.

They lived in Stewart at that time.

David & Vera Towers





Carol Ohland Harvey Gorr 




Identified by:

Irene Leske, Winthrop



Daughters of Arthur & Lena Klukas

Front: Gloria

Back: Karen and Rose Ann

about 1953






Mavis Klukas, Gibbon

Joan Schwecke Jandl, Eden Prairie

Denise Johnson, Winthrop


Woods children

Front: Carroll

Back: Loreene and Daryl

about 1953


Two identifiers:

Audrey Wendt, Gibbon

Irene Leske, Winthrop

Dale & Kathy Lindstrand 


Married May 22, 1953



Identified by:

The Bride




The "Niebuhr girls"

Front: Esther, mother Sophie Niebuhr, Edna

Back: Melva, Dorothy, Ruth, Lydia, Melinda


Identified by:

Loretta Ahlbrecht (who saw the photo in the Standard-Gazette), Lester Draeger (Winthrop), and Robert Jahnke (Cottage Grove, MN)


Alvin & Selma Pagenkopf

Children: Grace, Earl, and Duane


Identified by:

Dayle Stark (Gibbon), Lyla Freidrichs (Gibbon), and Lavonne Bentz (New Ulm)


Beatrice Wendorff & Reuben Trout



Four identifiers!

Sam Shult, Winthrop

Irene Leske, Winthrop

Lois Majeski, Winthrop

Ila Mae Anderson, Winthrop (bride's sister)



Fred Rettig family

front: Fred & Ida Freyholtz Rettig

back: Martin, Raymond, Otto, and Ruth


Identified by Irene Leske, Winthrop



Sons of Leonard & Minnie Trebelhorn, Winthrop

Left: Daniel born in 1950

Right: Steven born in 1948

They both passed away at a young age

due to muscular dystrophy.


Identified by Maggie Miller, Winthrop

Margery Rettig


Waldon Koosman 

Married 1953


Identified by:

Irene Leske, Winthrop


Louise Stresemann


Albert Hass

Married 1903



Identified by: Irene Leske, Winthrop


We also heard from Mark Thomas Schuette.  He sends his email regards and identification from Pacific Palisades, CA!  He is the son of Tom & Kay Voelz Schuette, formerly of Winthrop.  Louise Stresemann is Mark's great grand-aunt and she was the older sister of his great-grandmother, Emma Augusta Streseman Schuette.  He adds the photo was taken on the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Their daughter was Alice Hass Wessel.


Aren't old photos wonderful!?

We thank all of our contributors stretching the coasts of America participating in the Ostrom Photograph Project!

Alvin Schulte


Irene Elsner 

Married May 1953, Hennepin County, MN



Id'd by Alvin's niece Genny Stresemann, Winthrop



Geraldine & Patricia Kiecker 

About 1955

Daughters of Oscar & Vilora Kiecker



Identified by Geraldine and older brother Glenn

Geraldine (Geri) currently lives in Edgeley, ND

Patricia currently lives in Sartell, MN



Elaine Anderson and Gerhard Stresemann


Winthrop  -----  April 15, 1953



Identified by the bride!

Elaine still resides in Winthrop.

Lerain Schauer


Harlan Bruns




April 19, 1953

Identified by:


Tim Bruns, Gibbon


Ginny Heidmann, Gaylord








Virgene Stresemann and Delford Duenow

Married at Zion Lutheran Church, Winthrop

May 1953

Delford called to identify himself and Virgene!

Cousin and member of the wedding party Alva Bethke, Redwood Falls, also provided identification after seeing in Fairfax Standard.


Raymond & Erma Schwarzrock children

from New Auburn

standing: Karen & Gary

(Karen is now Mrs. Larry Schultz, Hutchinson)

seated: Lowell



--- Identified by Joan Roepke, Glencoe ---





Verna Thoele, Glencoe, writes us to identify her parents!  Verna did not know when this picture was taken and never saw it before, so it was quite a surprise.

William (Bill) & Eva Wallert, Arlington